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*How much do you really know about our world?

Do you actually know enough detail to teach our ancestors to make concrete, steel, or a radio?  Sure you may know of germs, gunpowder, and electricity but when it comes down to it, how deep is that knowledge?

This site is dedicated to exploring these questions. You can start by taking the quiz.

Take the Quiz see how well you do at the details. 

It also tests you on using the technology of their time. Could you harness a horse? Operate a spinning wheel? Tan a hide? Try the quiz and see.

For our scenario, we are going to ignore the political, religious and language barriers you would face and focus on just the technical aspect. Let's face it, you would probably be burned at the stake as a witch and that makes for a short and uninteresting scenario.

Log in and share your knowledge! Help expand our knowledge of the underlying technology in our modern lives. If there is anything we have learned from the information age, it is that the power of internet is awesome.

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