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What should I do with my life

Life is a Journey Source: ManojVasanth
Front Door


I wrote this letter to my nieces in an attempt to offer them advice on what to do with their lives. -Ron


Discovering what you want to do in life in as never ending process.

When I was a senior in high school family members would ask me “So what do you want to study in college?” Chances are good that you too will get asked this question often. Adults use it as a conversation starter. It is safer than asking “What do you want to do with your life?” mostly because adults can’t answer that question themselves...


Small Talk and the Amish

image of map and compass

I wrote this letter to my friends in 2008 - Ron

It has been a while since I have had a meaningful conversation with many of you. That fact, combined with an email from a friend about the prevalence of small talk, put my brain in motion and the result is this letter.  It is rather long and it took me hours to sort through my thoughts and collect them into something remotely coherent.   With luck, this email will reach you at a good time and you will REALLY be able to read it.  It might provoke thought and as such it will become a sort of time delayed discussion. Without luck, it will catch you when you are distracted and you will just skim the letter and move on to your next task.  In either case, it will serve as a very long way of saying “Hello“.


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